The right steel at the right time

  • Metallurgica Veneta Spa is a distribution company that offers an efficiency and quality guarantee.
  • We carry a high stock of drawn, rolled and forged products.
  • A complete range of cold-worked products: plates, squares, rounds and hexagons.
  • Professional technical support to meet any need.
  • Cutting to size up to a diameter of 1,000 mm.
  • Dimensional checks, mechanical tests and ultrasounds (according to the customer’s specific requests), demagnetization and anti-mixing.
  • Rapid preparation of the material.
  • Subcontracting for heat treatment, peeling and grinding.
  • Heat treatments for annealing, reclamation, normalization and distension.

Bespoke measurements

Precise, fast and efficient cutting service thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that we meet high quality standards.

Non-destructive checks

We carry out non-destructive checks on all the steels available in the warehouse with the issue of a certificate of conformity by external specialized bodies.

Thermal treatments on request

Heat treatment of reclamation, distension, reclamation, standardization on request.


Fast delivery service with our vehicles, national and international carriers.

Quality system

Suppliers selection process, security protocols, work system planning are our focal points to offer a functional and rapid service.


Wide stock availability to quickly satisfy every type of request.

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