ABS Quality Steel: a quality choice

Why it’s so important to choose the ideal partner

Today’s metallurgy market is surely complex and uncertain: import prices are continuously changing. That’s why the only way to keep on trading high quality products is having trusted partners by one’s own side. A trusted partner is mostly someone who shares your same values in the fields of products’ quality and customer services. Surprisingly enough, often the best solution is next to you: this is what happened to our company, Metallurgica Veneta, that has established a long-lasting parthership with the Italian company ABS – Acciaierie Bertoli Safau.

Product continuity and quality for our customers

For a company, being able to trade a product and generating revenues is not just a question of prices and sales: most of all it all has to do with price-quality relationship and with the continuous availability of products themselves, so to reach the customers’ maximum level of satisfaction.

Products continuity, together with their tested quality, is an essential prerogative for products trade and for the satisfaction of a clientele who’s becoming more and more demanding. That’s why Metallurgica Veneta has counted on ABS – Acciaierie Bertoli Safau for years. Thanks to this company we can guarantee constant availability of alloy steel, such as laminated, peeled and rectified steel. Since the beginning of our partnership we have always been able to ensure constant storage within our warehouse, firmly aware of the high quality of the products, confirmed by our customers’ satisfaction. It’s no coincidence that during the last years ABS steel storage has grown; this has happened, for example, for such products as 39nicrmo3, 42crmo4 or 17nicrmo6.4, together with a new range of production within shiny steel like, for example, the new entry 39nicrmo3 hardened steel pel h9 & rectified steel h7 and 42crmo4 hardened steel pel h9 & rectified steel h7. Actually, special steel for construction produced by ABS is, both for quality and dimensions, between the most important all over Europe, thanks to the high level of technology and production flexibility that guarantees quality products even in case of highly engaging applications.

A sound partnership in the name of quality

ABS – Acciaierie Bertoli e Safau was born in 1988 as a result of the merging of “Officine Bertoli” (founded in 1813) and “Safau” (founded in 1934). Their centuries-old experience into iron and steel industry, together with the spirit of innovation which has always distinguished Danieli group, owner of ABS, guarantee us the leadership we need for satisfying even the most demanding markets. Thanks to the tested cooperation with ABS and their products, we have always been able to face even the most difficult periods of our market. In any case we have always offered high quality products: fast production, precision and post sales assistance have always been our founding values. Into an uncertain market, the only way to keep on being a landmark is offering certainty: at Metallurgica Veneta, thanks to our partners as well, we are commited to make this possible. For information and quotes write an email to info@metallurgicaveneta.it or call us at +39 0444 436321, we will be glad to put our products at your disposal.